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Woza Online – South African Small Business Online

Woza Online – South African Small Business Online

Woza Online  – Create your free Website today

What a great initiative! – Google in conjunction with Vodacom and South African Government is offer small business owners the opportunity to get their business online.

To create this free website you need to have a Google account setup? So if you already have a gmail account you can log on to to get started if you do not have a Google account do not stress you can create an account once you have landed on the Woza Online website!

The setup of the website is easy and fast and you only need to answer question about your business to actually populate your website. You can upload your logo, add products and edit all you content on the fly

Is this bad news for web development companies?

I don’t believe that it is, making small business owners aware of the importance of having a web presence can only stimulate the web development market as more small business owners will now see the importance of having your business online.

This will also stimulate interest in marketing your business online that will in return provide news business products from the web development community in South Africa.

In short having a great website actually levels the playing field to introduce your products to a huge audience and provide you with a marketing platform to complete with the bigger businesses in South Africa

Welldone Google, South African Government and Vodacom

Web Designs Durban

  • jeanette

    The website wosaonline, where one is supposed to create a free website is suspended???/

    • web design specialist

      We Apologize for the inconvenience it was a type error the links is
      again sorry for the incorrect link

  • http://Notworking Cedric

    This site is suspended but still advertises on 702?

    • web design specialist

      Hi Cedric, you can follow this link … the site is alive and well

      I hope this helps



  • http://forestplacegardening What address must I use to advertise??/

    What address must I use to advertise????

  • Peregrine Spurway

    We have recently had the launch of the first South African free website development portal namely Woza Online the product of a collaboration between DTI, Google, Vodacom and HRDC. After going through the website I was disappointed with the product offering considering the technology and money these companies would have at their disposal to throw at it.

    I have been developing free websites for over 5 years, and using a combination of different, totally free, international service providers have come up with some awesome results (see This is what the product should provide!! For interested parties I have placed all my knowledge in a “how to step by step guide” on a website aptly named which is a free service to the community, it is really easy to use.

    I cannot understand why Google would release a product like this considering the other awesome products they have e.g. Google search engine, Google Sketchup, Gmail. Google Sketchup specifically was revolutionary.
    I come from an IT background and normally the process is to acquire off the shelf packages before going and reinventing the wheel. In this case I would have expected that these companies would have partnered with a company who already had the experience and a substantial product. In addition the time to launch would have been far quicker. I don’t even want to go down the road of DTI spending taxpayer money!! Hope we get some answers?

    • web design specialist

      Thank you for your contribution Perry, there is a lot of free web services available some good some better i guess we will be high lighting a few in the months to come.



  • Phineas Maseka

    like this

  • Myself

    Thank guys for recognise us